Abandoned Classroom

3D Environment created with Trim Sheets Modularity. 75 static mesh Modeled and Unwrapped in 3ds max, all of the mesh pivot is on the correct position, correct naming convention (SM_ for static mesh, T_ for textures and M_ for materials), good light map on the UV map 2, I use Substance Painter to texture the trim sheets and texture sheet. Rendered in Unreal Engine 5 and I use some 5 decals from Quixel bridge, I use Marmoset Toolbag and Photoshop for the presentation pictures.

The first trim are wood for tables and chair, metals for small pipes and some metal on the chair and table. plastic material and the Emissive light. Texture size is 2048x2048

One of the object i use the trim sheet 1 is the student chair. All the object have 2 UV map channel. the 2nd map is for the light map

2nd Trim sheet, I use it for walls, floor and roof. Texture size is 2048x2048

this wall piece have 3 materials, Trim sheet 1, Trim sheet 2 and the glass material. The glass material don't have a opacity because i want to create just the interior scene.

Texture set 1, Texture size 2048x2048

Texture set 2, Texture size 2048x2048

Texture set 3, Texture size 2048x2048

Texture set 4, Texture size 2048x2048

Texture set 5, Texture size 2048x2048