Golden Skull Pistol

Golden skull pistol game weapon for the game "sky pirates" modeled & UV Unwrap using 3ds max - sculpt the details using zbrush, bake and textured in substance painter (texture size: 2048x2048) and rendered in marmoset toolbag. I use Unreal Engine and grab some asset from quixel for the scene.

Link to Artstation and marmoset viewer: ArtStation - Golden Skull Pistol 3d model


Concept art

I use the standard pipeline on making concept, I make a silhouette and then I proceed on making the simple shapes using 3ds max and then after that I use clip studio paint for coloring, detailing and to make some original pattern

The pistol is powered by arcane/crystal power with the glass container to contain the crystal power. There is a crystal inside of the mouth and eyes of the skull to make it more magical.

3D Modeling and Texturing

I use the standard method for making game ready asset. first I make low poly, all quads and have the same density then I use turbosmooth then duplicate the original (the original have the active modifier) then I collapse the modifier duplicate and export as OBJ to work on Zbrush. In Zbrush I subdivide up to 10 million polys so that I don't have problem on making the patterns. I use photoshop to make the pattern and import it as an alpha, add some imperfections to the gun to make it more realistic.

I use 3ds Max to Unwrap the model and Substance Painter to texture